Dr. Riyi Shi, has discovered that Acrolein, a toxic substance found in the body and in the environment, has a significant role in neurological pathologies. Acrolein is much more reactive and lasts longer in the body than other free radicals, causing oxidative stress and a process of neurological functional deterioration common to multiple diseases. In animal studies Acrolein damages nerve cells (both axons and myelin), mitochondria, DNA and increases with the onset of MS and spinal injury. Elevated Acrolein was also found in separate groups of MS and Alzheimer’s patients.

Neuro Vigor has an exclusive, worldwide license from Purdue University to an innovative patent-protected mechanism of action that reduces Acrolein levels leading to therapeutic improvements in several areas. Neuro Vigor’s platform technology is competitively differentiated and advantaged with the potential to reduce pathologies associated with multiple neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pain and MS.

Neuro Vigor is engaged in advanced pre-clinical development of drugs to lower Acrolein as a way to mitigate/eliminate its destructive role in neurological disease. We will confirm through human clinical trials its claims for treatment and companion diagnostic that significantly benefits the patient vs current therapies and those understood to be in development.

We have already identified an FDA cleared generic drug, used to treat other conditions, that is a proven scavenger of Acrolein. In extensive animal studies, this generic drug significantly lowered Acrolein levels and reduced symptoms, such as pain and disability in MS and in spinal injury. Repurposing this drug for treatment of MS in human patients is Neuro Vigor’s first priority. At the same time, Neuro Vigor will investigate other drug candidates that have high potential as Acrolein scavengers.

Scientific Publications

Scientific Publications

From a scientific perspective, Neuro Vigor’s solutions are founded on the research of Dr. Riyi Shi who has published scientific articles in many leading journals documenting the important role acrolein plays in neurological disease, pain and spinal injury, and the...

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