Parkinson’s or Other CNS Diseases

There is evidence that Acrolein plays a role in the onset and pathogenesis of other neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s disease. For example,

We have gathered evidence that acrolein may participate in key steps of pathological events leading to neuronal damaged typical of Parkinson’s diseases.  Ongoing efforts are focused on alleviating motor deficits by lessening the damage in the brain regions known to be linked to symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Hypotheses requiring research validation:

1) Hydralazine reduces Acrolein levels in animal models of these diseases; 2) Hydralazine can be a preventive measure, delaying onset of these diseases in animal models; 3) Hydralazine reduces symptoms and severity of these diseases; 4) Hydralazine can reverse the progress of these diseases; 5) high Acrolein levels is predictive for the onset of these diseases.