Transforming research discoveries into therapies and diagnostics which will make a positive difference for patients can be a long and very costly journey. Neuro Vigor is committed to accelerate this process through collaborating with others who have the skills and experiences in clinical trials, quality systems & regulatory, and commercialization which are not within the purview of our core competencies.

Neuro Vigor’s presumptive value has been built from 15 years of research in neurological diseases by our co-founder and chief scientist Dr. Riyi Shi. The pre-clinical appreciation for the damaging impact of acrolein and the benefits of its reduction in animal models of MS and other neurological disorders is compelling. With collaborators in place who embrace Neuro Vigor’s pre-clinical data and the role FDA cleared generics for hypertension play in reducing/preventing acrolein’s destructive role in neurological function, the path to global commercialization initially for treating MS patients has both clarity and transparency. By re-purposing Hydralazine for MS, and with branded collaborators at Neuro Vigor’s side, we anticipate a much faster and less costly 505 b(2) pathway to Hydralazine’s clearance by the FDA for MS.

Neuro Vigor’s advanced pre-clinical work underway is focused on further strengthening the therapeutic claims for anti-acrolein therapy delaying the onset of MS relapses; reducing severity of MS attacks; and slowing the progression of the disease from relapsing-remitting to secondary progressive stages. Neuro Vigor welcomes collaboration interest from CNS disease clinicians, research institutions, foundations and other non-profits, and government entities who share our ambition to accelerate the development of these promising therapies. We are also open to discussions with life sciences and financial firms interested in exploring ways they may contribute to and benefit from Neuro Vigor’s success.

To open a conversation on potential scope for collaboration, please contact us.